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Architecture within human commitment

The newly established section of CMA studio was founded on reflecting the sustainability of worldwide architecture, the good quality accessibility, sharing of experience. The architecture is more than a design, it can solve and create problems at the same time. Good quality architecture is natural. If it works, it promotes the development. The inspiring environment is the background for progress. It is not only about physical protection and shelter, when the basic needs are fulfilled, people search for motivation and stimulus. They find it in their surroundings.

It is clear that good architecture is not about money, it is about ideas. That is why our goals are … to assist to identify sustainable architectural principles … to promote new/old technologies and encourage new ideas and concepts in architectural design while respecting the specifics of different communities … to promote multi-disciplinary exchange between architects themselves and other professionals and stakeholders … to interconnect the humanitarian, academia and private sector – multi-stakeholder partnership … to promote architectural education and facilitate exchange among architects, students and teachers of worldwide architecture … to promote an awareness and preservation of the international architectural and cultural heritage … to support architects´ creative, technical and cultural talents …

CMA unlimited employs many people with various international working experience. If you are interested in up-to-date information, please feel free to visit the following website.